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Blu Mudd Challenge #6

Good Day everyone!  I hope all of you are beading away happily!  I have recently been beading for Blu Mudd Challenge #6.  It was a black and white challenge this go round.  We have an wonderful array of eye candy to view at the link so please by all means click the link.  Please take the time to view each and every submission individually, choose "like"as many times as you like to vote for your favorites!  You won't be disappointed !!!

Here are some photos of my personal submission:

For my first piece I chose a pattern "Lady Sybil" by Sandra Scholte.  I ended up deviating from the pattern and going my own way with it.  But it was her pattern that got me started and inspired the look of the entire piece.  You can purchase her patterns on Etsy here Trinkets Beadwork she has amazing patterns from which to choose!!  For my 2nd piece I chose to learn a new stitch, Chenielle Stitch.  It works up lovely, quick and easy.  I am going to use this new stitch over & ov…