Blu Mudd Design Challenge

I had the pleasure of being a participant in the Blu Mudd Design Challenge 5.  Moriah Betterly a very talented clay artist furnished each artist with a leaf cuff, acorn and 3 matching tubular beads.  There were different color pallets, randomly mailed to the artists so the color choices were by surprise!  I love surprises!  My pieces were green, red with the tiniest hint of blue....well here let me show you.  (The photo will enlarge if you click on it :)

Leaf & Acorn Challenge 5  Vote for me here :)
I purchased complimentary beads from my local bead shop "The Bead Strand" in Ocala, FL.  For my design I chose Miyuki 8/0 seed beads in 4 colors. 3 in different hues in Picasso seed beads, and a deep reddish hue matte seed bead. The colors in the seed beads seemed to be from the same glaze Moriah used on the leaf.  I thought the beads complimented the leaf so well I had to use them.  I chose to create my necklace using a spiral herringbone stitch. 

Please click on the link above under the photo, "Leaf & Acorn Challenge 5" and vote for me by pressing "Like", and please leave a comment that you visited!  You can view all the entries in the challenge by pushing previous/next button.  Feel free to vote for all your favorite pieces, vote as often as you wish pushing "like" on each jewelry photo.  

There are so many talented artists this round, you won't believe the creativity.  All the artists have made some absolutely beautiful eye candy, so please support all of us by visiting and voting!  Thank you!!

Well I had a little acorn left over, and a vintage copper leaf choker necklace that was begging to become a bracelet is what I made with my little acorn:

This piece isn't part of the challenge, click on the photo to see it larger.  The touch of patina is natural on the earrings and bracelet.

A BIG Thank You to Moriah Betterly of Blu Mudd for sponsering this challenge.  Her challenges are always fun, her clay work is impeccable, check out her shop for more styles and clay art.

Blu Mudd Challenge 5 Photos!!! Click Me!!


  1. Your entry is gorgeous, Judy! I missed seeing you around, glad you're back!


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